Frequently Asked Questions

To clarify things, we’ve put questions together from players just like yourself. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us.
Corona proof? Yes!

We started The Cari Mysteries precisely because we wanted to create a high quality coronaproof experience that can be played at a safe distance in this day and age. You play with your own remote computer.

What is an online escape room?

After the world sat inside for months, it’s time for action! An online escaperoom is a remote experience for colleagues, friends, teams and families where you can experience an adventure from anywhere in the world from your own computer.

We also have a more detailed description of an online escape room.

How long does an online escape room take?
The escape room experience takes +/- 90-120 minutes! This also depends on whether everyone is on time, how often there are distractions from children or other colleagues for example.
From what age is it playable?
The experience is suitable for adults and children 10 years and older.
How many people can I play with?

From 1 person and up to 6 people per team. You receive one code per player, everyone can log in from their own laptop or desktop. If the group is larger, you can divide them into teams of up to six players and play a league against each other.

Want to play the online escape room with your company? Then check out the options for businesses.